This weekend might be a good time to visit a farm if one is near you. How are animals fed? What are the smells and sounds of a farm? Some farms in December have hayrides or sleigh rides drawn by horses. Can you arrange for some experience that connects you to farm animals that may have been at the “Second Manger?”

Example farm you might visit called The Gentle Barn

You may also wish to try your hand a building a manger. A large manger could be for outside as part of your Christmas home decorations. Or maybe a group from your faith community wishes to build a manger for the worship space or outside. Add some straw but don’t put the baby Jesus in the manger yet. Are there any animals that you could add to the large nativity?

A small manger could fit on your dining room or kitchen table to serve as a reminder of the One who is coming. Can you light candles every night you read this Advent devotional?

You may also take a special look at any mangers that are part of the crèche or nativity sets that you have in your home. What do you notice? What animals come to eat at the manger of the nativity scene?

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