Course Outline

The Living Nativity eCourse outline will guide you through the Advent season. Below is a chart you may find helpful to track your participation.

The first Sunday is marked with a single candle just as a single candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent on an Advent wreath.

Notice that this is no ordinary Advent calendar or chart. We begin with the First Sunday of Advent, but the fourth week may not line up with the days of the week on your calendar since Christmas is on a different day of the week every year. If Christmas falls on a day other than the middle of the week for you this year, feel free to work through these reflections of the week in a different order than is listed.

Here are the reflections associated with special days as we look at the fourth week of Advent.

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent = 4 Candles
  • Christmas Eve = "Special Night, Silent Night"
  • Christmas Day = "Welcome Baby Jesus"
  • Day After Christmas = "Boxing Day"

If Christmas Eve or Christmas Days comes early (or late) for you this year, you may find it helpful to do the following reflections after (or before) some of these special days.

  • "A Strange Way to Save the World"
  • "Praising God for The Gift of Jesus"
  • "The 12 Days of Christmas"

What about the remaining days?

There is a reflection for each of the following special days as well.

  • The Sunday After Christmas
  • "New Year's Eve"
  • "New Year"


  • "Epiphany" - January 6th

We hope the remaining reflections help fill your days after Christmas with anticipation for the beginning of Epiphany.

  • "Resolutions"
  • "Let Go, Hold On"
  • "Encouragement"

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