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WELCOME to our #ColorYourLent 2019 online community!

What a joy to have you with us! This Lent I invite you to “fast” from activities that weigh you down. Instead I invite you to “feast” on the spiritual practice of contemplative coloring that I believe can enlighten and enliven your faith journey. Leading up to Lent, I have been praying for each of you by name in hopes that this time of Praying with Mandalas together will draw us closer to Jesus and to one another.

In each "Share" section of this course I will post weekly questions for reflection and community sharing. I especially encourage you to share your mandala images, if you are willing, as a visual blessing to our community. Remember there is no “right” way to color a mandala. Whatever you create is a beautiful, sacred work of art.

It is my deep hope that this will also be a safe space where prayers can be shared confidentially (without judgment or the need to “fix it” for one another) and that we will hold one another tenderly with an abundance of faith, hope and love.

During these days between Ash Wednesday and the first Sunday of Lent, I encourage you to create a quiet, “set apart” prayer space for your Lenten journey where you can be intentional about prayer, coloring and stillness. Gather together the supplies you will need - colored pencils, Praying with Mandalas (either your own copy of the book or mandalas printed from the online PDFs), a Bible, candle, etc – and keep them in your prayer space so that everything will be ready when you are.

I also encourage you to gift yourself with “set apart” time to color and pray each day (even just 5 minutes) as often as possible throughout Lent. I believe that you will be blessed by this spiritual practice. That being said, do be gentle with yourself. Some days ‘life happens’ and you won’t be able to set apart the prayer time as you would have hoped. No worries – be reassured that prayer happens any time and any place that we are intentionally spending time with God “on purpose.” There is no right way or wrong way to make this prayerful and colorful journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday – you do you!
Be encouraged as you pray and #ColorYourLent within this supportive online community of fellow pilgrims along the way.
Blessings to you, friends, as we pray calm and color on!